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Olia Lima – Music and Dance School


  1. Limited Online Presence: Olia Lima lacked a strong online presence, hindering the school’s visibility in the digital space.
  2. Outdated Design: The previous website had an outdated design, failing to reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of a music and dance school.
  3. Information Disparity: Essential information about classes, events, and faculty was scattered and not easily accessible for visitors.
  4. Poor Mobile Responsiveness: The website did not provide an optimal viewing experience on mobile devices, limiting accessibility.


  1. Strategic Online Representation: Developed a visually appealing website to enhance Olia Lima’s online presence, attracting potential students and stakeholders.
  2. Modern and Vibrant Design: Revamped the design with vibrant colors, dynamic visuals, and multimedia elements to capture the essence of music and dance.
  3. Structured Information Architecture: Implemented a clear and organized structure, ensuring easy navigation and access to relevant information for both current and prospective students.
  4. Mobile-First Approach: Adopted a mobile-first design strategy, guaranteeing a seamless and user-friendly experience across various devices.

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  1. Increased Online Visibility: The new website has significantly boosted Olia Lima’s visibility, attracting a broader audience interested in music and dance education.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: The modern and intuitive design provides a delightful experience for visitors, encouraging them to explore the school’s offerings.
  3. Improved Communication: The structured information flow facilitates effective communication with students, parents, and the community, fostering engagement.
  4. Accessible Across Devices: The mobile-first approach ensures that users can access the website effortlessly, promoting inclusivity and catering to diverse audiences.
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